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Founders of DFW-ALTA

Through the hard work and dedication of the following members of the Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter of Lease and Title Analysts, the Dallas-Fort Worth Association of Lease and Title Analysts (DFW-ALTA) was created in 1988.

  • Linda Howerton
  • Cynthia Harwell

Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Memberships shall be conferred upon those persons whom the Board of Directors feels have rendered outstanding service to DFW-ALTA or made noteworthy contributions toward the establishment of lease and/or title work as a profession.

  • 2005  Eugenia Denniston
  • 2006  Dorothy Lyle
  • 2008  Cynthia Harwell
  • 2008  Linda Howerton
  • 2008  Mike Rutherford
  • 2009  Shirley Ottinger
  • 2010  Leverne Hearn, CPLTA, CMM
  • 2011  Jan J. Warren, CPLTA
  • 2012  Lisa L. Greer, CPLTA
  • 2012  La Rae Sanders, CPL
  • 2012  Susan Rondon, CPLTA
  • 2012  Vickie M. Snyder, CPLTA
  • 2013  Cindy Nuffer, CPLTA, CMM
  • 2014  Kathy Mays, CPLTA
  • 2015  Connie Wilcoxson, CPLTA, RPL, CDOA
  • 2016  Ilene Kehoe
  • 2017  Katie Williams
  • 2019  Christina Ferguson, CPLTA

Corporate Award

This award is given to a company who has given support both in employee encouragement as well as monetary donations. This company will have continually encouraged employees to become members of DFW-ALTA, attend local meetings and seminars. This award will only be given, as the Board of Directors deems it appropriate.

  • 2003  Burlington Resources, Inc.
  • 2003  XTO Energy Inc.
  • 2005  Burlington Resources, Inc.
  • 2006  Encore Acquisitions
  • 2007  Petro-Hunt, L.L.C.
  • 2008  XTO Energy Inc.
  • 2009  XTO Energy Inc.
  • 2010  Denbury Resources Inc.
  • 2011  Denbury Resources Inc.
  • 2012  Hunt Oil Company
  • 2012  Petro-Hunt, L.L.C.
  • 2013  Denbury Resources Inc.
  • 2014  Denbury Resources Inc.
  • 2015  Denbury Resources Inc.
  • 2016  XTO Energy Inc.
  • 2017  Dorchester Minerals, LP
  • 2018  Matador Resources Co.

Member of the Year Award

This award is to be given every year to an individual member to be determined by the DFW-ALTA Board of Directors. Nominees who have contributed heavily to the chapter and place of employment, as well as being of high professionalism and character, will be considered for this Award.

  • 2002  Lisa L. Greer, CPLTA, CDOA, CMM
  • 2003  Kathy Frodin, CPLTA
  • 2004  Katie Williams
  • 2005  Vickie Snyder
  • 2006  Barbara Butler
  • 2007  Jan J. Warren, CPLTA
  • 2008  Nicholas "Nick" Nelson
  • 2009  Susan Rondon, CPLTA
  • 2010  Vickie Snyder
  • 2011  Oliver Price, Jr., CPLTA
  • 2012  Leverne Hearn, CPLTA
  • 2013  Kathy Mays, CPLTA
  • 2014  Connie Wilcoxson, CPLTA, RPL
  • 2015  Angela Pesina, CPLTA
  • 2016  Eli Murray, CDOA, CPLTA
  • 2017  Connie Wilcoxson, CPLTA, RPL, CDOA
  • 2018  Jan J Warren, CPLTA
  • 2019  Connie Wilcoxson, CPLTA, RPL, CDOA

Outstanding Service Award

This award is given to a current DFW-ALTA Board member who has far exceeded the requirements for their position(s) on the Board. This award is determined by the DFW-ALTA Board of Directors and is given only when deemed appropriate by the Board.

  • 2002  Charlotte Campbell
  • 2005  Kimberly Dotson, CPLTA
  • 2006  Jan J. Warren, CPLTA
  • 2007  Karen Blackburn, CPLTA
  • 2008  Raul Perez
  • 2009  Vickie M. Snyder
  • 2010  Cindy Nuffer, CPLTA. CMM
  • 2011  Nick Nelson
  • 2012  Kathy Mays, CPLTA
  • 2013  Connie Wilcoxson, CPLTA, RPL
  • 2013  Cindy Nuffer, CPLTA, CMM
  • 2014  Joyce Snell, CPLTA
  • 2015  Adam Hatch, CPLTA
  • 2016  Robin Elder, CPLTA
  • 2017  Angela Pesina, CPLTA
  • 2018  Jan J Warren, CPLTA
  • 2019  Christina Ferguson, CPLTA

Volunteer of the Year Award

This award is presented to volunteer who has gone "beyond the call of duty" in performing their job as a volunteer for DFW-ALTA.

  • 2009  Amelia Borden
  • 2010  Debbie Layton
  • 2011  Debbie Layton
  • 2012  Christina Bristol
  • 2012  Carlos De La Garza
  • 2013  Christina Bristol
  • 2014  Connie Wilcoxson, CPLTA
  • 2015  Raul Perez
  • 2016  Connie Wilcoxson, CPLTA, RPL, CDOA
  • 2017  Adam Hatch, CPLTA
  • 2019  Michelle Bradshaw

President's  Award

This award is conferred upon a past DFW-ALTA President that has made outstanding contributions above the constitutional requirements of a DFW-ALTA President. This person will also have been involved before and after their term as President in making notable decisions for future functions and roles in the DFW-ALTA association. This award can only be determined and presented by a current DFW-ALTA President.

  • 2005  Lisa L. Greer, CPLTA, CDOA, CMM
  • 2006  Leverne Hearn, CPLTA, CMM
  • 2007  Kimberly Dodson
  • 2008  Mike Rutherford
  • 2009  Vickie M. Snyder
  • 2010  DFW-ALTA Board Members were recognized
  • 2011  Oliver Price, Jr., CPLTA
  • 2012  Nick Nelson
  • 2013  Bruce Snyder
  • 2014  Kathy Mays, CPLTA
  • 2015  Joyce Snell, CPLTA
  • 2016  Angela Pesina, CPLTA
  • 2019  Connie Wilcoxson, CPLTA,  RPL, CDOA

Past President's  Award*

*As part of DFW-ALTA's 20th year celebration, this award recognized a past president who made a difference in the association 20 years existence.

  • 2008  Jan J. Warren, CPLTA     

Industry Appreciations

Thanks to the generosity of who allow us to use their memberships at the Tower Club of Dallas and Fort Worth Petroleum Club, we have our luncheons at wonderful establishments.  Due to their trust and generosity our organization has flourished and our membership is allowed to enjoy a delicious meal in superior surroundings. 

  • 2009  Liz Luthans, CPLTA and Vaughn Vennerberg
  • 2008  Liz Luthans, CPLTA and Shirley Ottinger
  • 2010  Liz Luthans, CPLTA
  • 2011  Liz Luthans, CPLTA
  • 2012  Liz Luthans, CPLTA & Ginney Markley
  • 2013  Ginney Markley
  • 2014  Ginney Markley
  • 2019  Conrad Hester

Special Recognitions

Special Recognition Awards honor and pay tribute to members and/or companies who have made significant and lasting contributions

to improve the association and/or its members.  This award will only be given as the Board of Directors deems it appropriate.

  • 2009  Denbury Onshore, LLC.   
  • 2009  Karen Blackburn, CPLTA
  • 2012  Jan J Warren, CPLTA
  • 2012  Leverne Hearn, CPLTA
  • 2012  Vickie M. Snyder, CPLTA
  • 2017  Connie Wilcoxson, CPLTA, RPL, CDOA

*2009 - Denbury Onshore, LLC. for their contributions to DFW-ALTA and also for mailing the  Election Ballots and By-Laws.

*2009 - Karen Blackburn, CPLTA,  was given special recognition for her work on the scholarship committee which officially began in 2008.  But, unofficially has been an on-going dream and work for many years by Karen.


Inspiration Award

This special award is given to an individual who "when confronted with a life-altering situation used perseverance, dedication and determination to overcome the event and now serves as a role model to give hope and inspiration to others in similar situations."  This award was awarded by the 2009 DFW-ALTA President, Raul Perez.  Who was inspired by Randall to keep moving forward. Randall did not have a choice of what the future had to hold for him yet he was blessed to continue living a normal life.

  • 2009  Randall Perez


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