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Membership Benefits

DFW-ALTA is looking for members who are seeking to further their knowledge in the oil and gas industry.

DFW-ALTA members receive various benefits. As a member you will have the benefit of DFW-ALTA's membership directory, providing you the necessary contacts needed in the business today. You will receive our periodic newsletter with feature articles and communication with other organizations, including the job network.

NALTA's Annual Education Conference will provide a member with the leading edge topics from the basic to the advanced level. To further enhance the value of a membership, the conference will also provide an opportunity to network nation wide with your industry counterparts. To learn more about NALTA, visit that website at www.nalta.org.

NALTA's Certified Professional Lease and Title Analyst (CPLTA) Program is another way to further enhance your credentials. Achieving this professional distinction is accomplished through a challenging review and testing process sponsored by NALTA. The resulting CPLTA certification is a strong indicator of expertise, commitment and professionalism, all marketable traits sought by prospective industry employers.

Please renew or join before January 15th, to ensure your name and contact information is included in our DFW-ALTA Directory.



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